Our Friendly Staff

Dean "Ace"  Moore - CEO

Dean "Ace" Moore

Dean has been looking up parts and doing sales for almost 7 years now and he's just about got the hang of it. He enjoys long walks on the beach and a cold bottle of Mondelo Especiale. Oh, of course while he is shredding the gnar! He prefers to shed in his Sportsman Ace 325, hence why he loves his nickname Ace. Call Ace if you're happy... see below if you're not.
Derek Clark - General Manager

Derek Clark

General Manager
Derek is as old as dirt at Hyper Toys and has been there for nearly 13 years. He enjoys falling off sleds at high speeds.........falling of sleds at slow speeds, rolling over quads in water holes and a nice bit of crochet from time to time. He also.............who are we fooling, I am the one who can edit this site, I am pretty awesome!
Mike Hewitt - Head Tech

Mike Hewitt

Head Tech
Mike is older then the dirt and has been riding sleds and quads straight out of the womb. He was actually winning drag races before he could walk. His favorite event to this day is the 120cc open mod class. The odd time he is not doing something in the power sports industry he loves to pass the time eating pencil crayons.
Daniel Boyer - Part/PDI and Accessory Installer

Daniel Boyer

Part/PDI and Accessory Installer
Dan is hard working individual which sets him aside from everyone else here. He has a passion for Tonka trucks and sand boxes. He quite frequently complains about the cats in his area..................he is saving up for a lid for his sand box. Some of his other interests are paintball and licking stamps.